Cleansing the Palette

     For a few years now I have had an idea in my head about a concept for a TV show/Movie/Web Series.  The only problem is that for the same amount of time I have had writer’s block.  I am hoping writing it out will give me some inspiration, or at least let someone see the idea and can run with it.

    The concept is this:  Three friends have just started college.  They have been friends all their lives, and decided to room together (This idea wasn’t a stretch for me, as I roomed with three of my lifelong friends as well.  Although, since I was the worst at keeping things clean, I am sure they thought about reconsidering MANY times). 

     Now before getting to college, these friends loved watching movies together, especially college movies.  Animal House.  PCU.  Van Wilder.  Pretty much any movie about the college life they could get their hands on was watched.  Being the young stupid kids that they were, they wanted that life.  They wanted THEIR college experience to be the same as what they saw in the movies. (And if you think about it, if you were going to try and recreate a movie, PCU would be a lot easier than The Matrix).

     So the story would start off as a found footage film.  It would be home video shots of the three friends goofing off, hanging out, etc. to set up characterizations.  The movie would transition to them recording themselves attempting to recreate these movie moments, or even trying out their own ideas.  Of course, NONE OF THEM WORK.  The main reason?  THIS IS REAL LIFE.

     Here is where my twist comes in, as well as my writer’s block.  As you are watching the found footage portion, and see the friends mess up another attempt, you sort of see in the background a ruckus of some kind.  The camera would zoom in on another character or characters brought into the story.  You see, what occurs is the failure of the three friends to achieve their Animal House moment sets off a chain reaction that results in a complete stranger actually having the experience themselves.  My other twist is that as the camera is zooming in on this new character, the format of the film transitions from home movie to regular movie format.  If this character is experience a movie moment, it should be filmed as such.

And THAT, my friends is where I have hit the proverbial wall. If I were to write the script (Which I still might) I would have everything written up to the point where the “chain reaction” event occurs.  I have the three friend’s characterizations down.  I even have the, for lack of a better term, victim’s character figured out.  I just don’t know what he or she is going to do. 

     I feel I am somewhat creative, but I am at my wit’s end with this (Actually, THERE’S my problem, as I have no wit).  I know found footage movies have been done before.  I think that my idea does add a new point of view to the genre.  I just wish I could have had the talent to take it to the next level. 

     What’s weird is that even though I feel like I failed with this, I still feel good about getting it out there.  Maybe this way I can move on to an idea that I CAN hash out and turn into something really great.  Please let me know what you think. If you have any ideas to add, let me hear them as well, so I can steal them and get famous.  Then YOU will have an idea for your OWN movie.  (Yours being a take on BLOODY BLOODY REVENGE.)



Donnie (@dtrain1813 on Twitter)


About Donnie Lederer

I love pop culture. Movies, comics, video games, etc. I want to write about them because of the passion I have for them.
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One Response to Cleansing the Palette

  1. You could always go the other way with a twist where the chain of event that they attempt actually ruins a persons life who comes back in the third act and puts the three of them into some sort of college age real life horror movie. Maybe the 4th guy was trying to get in good with group and was funding their effort as an attempt to be buddies but when they fail in meeting their goal they bail on guy 4 who now has no friends and no money. Just some thoughts.

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