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Wow.  I logged on at sat here for about 6 minutes just staring at the screen before actually starting to type.  Having written for the last few days in a row, I think I may have run out of things to say for a bit.  I have decided that I want to post something, so I set my stopwatch for 30 minutes.  I’ll just free write until the timer goes off, and call it a day.

I guess I can talk about what I’ve been reading, playing, and watching currently.  I am currently reading The Flash.  I have the first four graphic novels of the series, and am almost done with the first one.  I will be honest, it’s just a coincidence that the show is starting soon.  After I am done with Flash, I have X-Force on deck.  I try to go back and forth between DC and Marvel whenever I can.  Because it’s better for me financially, I have switched off of individual print and digital comics and have gone the graphic novel route.  To each their own, of course, but this what I like.

I am currently playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.  This is my first time playing an AC game, and I really like it.  Once I got used to the controls, the fighting engine is easy.  I still have a lot to learn about the stealth modes.  There are a few memories (levels) that I have to go back and play so I can get the full 100%.  I am a stickler when it comes to getting my money’s worth from my games.  Upcoming, I have Disney Inifnity 2.0 shipping next Tuesday, and as I said in a previous post, I have pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Knight for July.  I watched today’s episode of Nerdist Play, and if Malik and Jessica’s review is accurate (which I am sure it is), then I am glad I held off on getting Destiny.  FPS/MultiPlayer isn’t my favorite type of game.  I am more into story.  Having said that, I am probably going to like Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham a LOT more than I would Destiny.

Television wise, the only show I am watching “live” right now is Doctor Who.  If you read yesterday’s post, then you know that is about to change REAL quick.  When I get home from work each night, I try to watch at least one episode of a show on my own.  Rebecca has a lot of shows that she watches on the bus with her Kindle, so I have mine that I watch.  That’s how I was able to catch up on The Walking Dead, and now I am binging Game of Thrones.  I missed out on the Breaking Bad craze (I still haven’t watched it) so I wanted to be able to talk about SOME shows everyone else talks about.  Putting TWD as part of my TV recaps doesn’t hurt my desire to watch it either.  :)

In the evenings, Rebecca and I have been blasting through Community.  I can’t BELIEVE I never watched it before.  DEFINITELY better late than never.

Well, the timer just went off.  I would do a nice outro, but screw it.  ;)


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

Fall TV: What you can expect from D-Train of Thought this TV Season

Next Monday begins the fall TV season.  Well, at least it does for me.  Over the summer, I decided that I was going to dedicate a good portion of the site to TV reviews and synopsis.  Thanks to the influx of comic-book/fantasy related shows coming out/back this fall, I will not be without content, that’s for sure.  Now while I can’t cover EVERYTHING that I would like on this site, I hope what I will cover is entertaining and informative.  Here is a rundown of what shows I will be covering on this site this season:

Marvel’s Agent Carter


Premiere: Mid-Season, Tuesdays on ABC

This series follows Peggy Carter, following the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, as she tries to pick up the pieces of her loss while at the same time helping to found S.H.I.E.L.D.



Premiere: October 8, 8PM on the CW

Now in its third season, Arrow adds a new team member in Laurel, Roy adopts his Arsenal identity, and the team face their biggest threat yet in Ra’s a Ghul.  Oliver Queen also is fighting for the ownership of Queen Consolidated, which is trying to be purchased by Ray Palmer, also known as the Atom



Premiere: October 24th, 10PM on NBC

Constantine is an adaptation of the DC Comic of the same name.  John Constantine, despite his best efforts to the contrary, is Earth’s only hope against the supernatural evils of the world.

Doctor Who


Premiere: August 23, 9pm on BBC America

A new season, a new Doctor.  Peter Capaldi takes on the role as the 12th Doctor in season 8, which after 4 episodes, seems to be taking a darker tone.

The Flash


Premiere: October 7, 8PM on the CW

A Spin-Off of Arrow, The Flash tells the story of Barry Allen, who after a lab accident becomes the “Fastest Man Alive” and the world’s newest super-hero.



Premiere: September 22, 8PM on Fox

The deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne are the catalysts for this prequel series, showing the world of Gotham City before it had its Dark Knight protector.



Premiere: Mid-Season on the CW

Loosely based on the DC Vertigo comic book, this show is about a girl zombie who can pass as human, but must eat brains at least once a month to retain her intelligence and memories.  Not hard when your job is as a grave digger.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Premiere: September 23rd, 9PM on ABC

After the dismantling of S.H.I.E.L.D. during Captain America: The Winter Soldier, new director Phil Coulson and his team must now pick up the pieces and rebuild the organization under the ideals it was meant to stand for.

The Walking Dead


Premieres: October 12, 9PM on AMC

After reaching Terminus, thinking it would be a safe haven, the group is once again fighting for their lives in the fifth season.  Also, there are zombies.


It looks like I have my work cut out for me.  Lucky for me, Coca-Cola just brought back SURGE!!!!!!  Set your DVR folks, this fall is going to be good!


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

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All Photos taken from each show’s individual Wikipedia pages

Doctor Who – Season 8, Episode 4: Listen


When it comes to scary Doctor Who stories, no one does it better than Steven Moffat.  Sometimes he has “off” episodes, but when it comes to these type of narratives, he hits a home run every time.  When someone asks me if he or she should watch Doctor Who, I always recommend “Blink,” which Moffat also wrote.  If you don’t like “Blink,” then don’t watch Doctor Who.  This episode “Listen,” can almost fall into that same category.

The T.A.R.D.I.S. is orbiting Earth, with the Doctor meditating on its roof.  He begins to talk to himself, asking “Why do we talk to ourselves when we know we are alone?”  He begins writing on his chalkboard.  He talks about evolution, how there are perfect hunters, and there are perfect defenders.  He sets his chalk down, posing the question: “Why are there not perfect hiders?”  He answers his own question, “How would we know?”   If they are perfect at hiding, then there is no way we would see them unless they revealed themselves.  As he is questioning this, he realizes his chalk has been moved, and someone has written the word “Listen” on the board.

We move to Clara entering her apartment, very upset.  The scene then goes back and forth from her apartment to a restaurant, where she and Danny Pink are finally having their first date, which goes from awkward to argumentative, resulting in Clara storming out of the restaurant.  Clara goes into her bedroom to sulk, and the door is partially blocked by the T.A.R.D.I.S.  The Doctor didn’t want to disturb anything in case she brought her date home.  Disregarding how upset she was about her date, the Doctor pulls her into the T.A.R.D.I.S. for their latest adventure, and he poses the same question to her as he did to “us” at the start of the episode.  He has a theory that everyone through time has had, at least once, the same nightmare.  You sit up in bed, feeling like you are not alone, and when you sit up, something or someone grabs your feet.  Accounts of this dream have been recorded throughout history.  The Doctor relays to Clara his theory about the “perfect hider” and wants to see it.  He links Clara to the T.A.R.D.I.S. telepathically so it can search through her timeline to find the exact moment she had this dream.  However, she is distracted when she gets a phone call and thinks of Danny.  The Doctor says everything is fine, and the T.A.R.D.I.S. lands.

They find themselves at a children’s home in Gloucester.  Clara is confused because she has never been there.  The Doctor brushes this off, saying Clara probably just forgot.  As the Doctor leaves to investigate, Clara notices a young boy waving at her from an upstairs window.  He introduces himself as “Rupert Pink.”

As the Doctor is lurking around the home, he runs into the superintendent of the building, who, thanks to the Doctor’s Psychic Paper, thinks he is speaking with an inspector.  The Doctor questions the man about the same type of things, and attempts to scare the man by turning off his TV with the sonic screw driver, and stealing his coffee, to put some fear into him.

Clara finds Rupert’s room.  He is scared of what is under his bed.  He has just had the exact dream that she and the Doctor where here to see.  She attempts to put Rupert’s fears to rest by having them both crawl under his bed to assure him there is nothing there.  Suddenly, the mattress, bends, because someone is sitting on it.  They stand up to see something underneath Rupert’s bed spread, looking like an old school ghost.  As Clara and Rupert begin to get scared, the light comes on and the Doctor is sitting in the room.  The Doctor asks Rupert if he is scared, and when he says yes, the Doctor gives him a speech about how being scared is a super power, and how it can be used to defeat anything.

  • This is the first time this season the Doctor has become the inspirational figure we’ve known him to be.  He’s still in there.  It just takes quite a bit for him to come out with this incarnation.

He tells Clara and Rupert to turn their backs to the creature.  There are two options: either a friend of Rupert’s is playing a trick, or a friend is NOT playing a trick.  All three of them promise whatever it is that they promise not to look.  The creature leaves, never actually revealing itself.

After this “close-call,” Clara does her best to cheer Rupert up.  She uses a box of toy soldiers as “protection” for him.  She hands him on in particular, the leader.  He names the soldier “Dan,” because he likes that name.  After telling Clara he was going to change his name from Rupert the first chance he could, Clara realizes that she is actually talking to a young Danny.

The Doctor knocks Danny out (with his powers.  He doesn’t club him over the head.  He’s just a kid.  Jesus, guys) and he and Clara return to the T.A.R.D.I.S.  The Doctor questions himself and Clara as to how they ended up with Danny and not Clara.  She lies, not wanting to tell him how she and Danny are linked.  Clara decides it is time to make amends with adult Danny, and asks the Doctor to return her to the restaurant moments after she had originally stormed off.  As with every other interaction they have had, this one doesn’t go well.  She lets slip that she knows his real name is Rupert.  This time HE is the one that storms off when she won’t tell him the truth.  Clara then looks up to see a man in a space suit signal for her to get into the T.A.R.D.I.S.  The man is Orwell Pink, Danny’s descendant from 100 years in Clara’s future.

The Doctor explains that he was trying to link Clara and Rupert’s timelines, to find a connection, and the trail led to Orwell.  It turns out Orwell is also a time traveler, and the Doctor found him on “The Last Planet,” meaning the end of the Universe.  Orwell was stranded there after his maiden time travel voyage to 1 week into the future got a “tad sidetracked.”

They take Orwell back there to pack up his things.  The Doctor lies and says they need to stay overnight so the T.A.R.D.I.S. can recharge.  The Doctor, realizing that since there is nothing left in the universe, this would be the perfect time to discover what this “creature” is.  As the Doctor prepares his watch, Clara helps Orwell with his things and finds the toy soldier she gave Rupert among his belongings.  He calls it a family heirloom, and in the same conversation alludes to the fact that he and Clara may be linked closer than she had thought.

As Clara and the Doctor await the creature, Orwell’s ship begins to make noises.  Normally this would be brushed off as the ship settling, but thanks to the Doctor’s paranoia, it now points to the creature being real.  After hearing a knocking on the ship’s airlock door, the Doctor unlocks it with the sonic, and it begins to open, either from the pressurization, or from whatever is on the other side.  Getting Clara to safety, the Doctor looks on as the door opens.

After a brief malfunction, the T.A.R.D.I.S. monitors come on to reveal the Doctor about to be sucked out the airlock, as the air seal had been broken.  Orwell brings the unconscious Doctor back inside.  Not wanting to take any chances, Clara uses her telepathic link with the T.A.R.D.I.S. to take off, not knowing exactly whose timeline they are traveling.

The T.A.R.D.I.S. lands, and Clara goes outside to investigate.  The T.A.R.D.I.S. has landed in small barn.  She hears a small child crying, and notices a bed in on of the barn’s lofts.  She assumes it is either Rupert or even Orwell, and goes to check on him.  Two people come into the barn to check on the boy, and Clara hides under the bed.  After overhearing their conversation, Clara realizes that she is in the DOCTOR’S timeline.

The adult Doctor wakes up, and disoriented, calls for Clara, which is heard by his younger self.  The boy rises from bed to investigate, and by reflex, Clara grabs for his leg.  At this moment Clara realizes what has happened.  The Doctor is obsessed with this “creature” because he experienced it when he was a child.  Only there is no creature.  It was Clara all along.

Clara calms the boy down, and gets him to go back to sleep, telling him this is all a dream.  She uses the same speech that the Doctor told Rupert to reassure the boy that it’s all right to be afraid, but that he can control the fear.  It is also revealed that this is the same barn in which the War Doctor was going to detonate the Moment during The Day of the Doctor.  

After making sure the young Doctor is okay, Clara returns to the T.A.R.D.I.S. and asks that the Doctor take off, not asking where they had just landed.  They return Orwell to his own timeline, and Clara returns to hers, going straight to Danny’s apartment.  They make up, and share their first kiss.  The episode ends with the Doctor staring at the word “Listen” from on his chalkboard.  With a smile, he underlines/crosses it out.  He doesn’t seem sure that he will find any closure with this, but for now he seems content.


  • “Why do you have three mirrors?  Why don’t you turn your head?”
  • “You know why dreams are called dreams?  Because they’re not real.  Otherwise they wouldn’t need a name.”
  • “He’s not in every book.” “Really?  Well, that’s a few years of my life I’ll be needing back.”
  • “That’s why he’s the boss.  A Soldier so brave he doesn’t need a gun.”
  • “Once Upon a Time, The End.  Dad Skills.”
  • “What’s up with your eyes?  They’re all over the place.  GET THEM UNDER CONTROL.”
  • “Only three people left in the universe and you are lying to the other two.

The Good:

  • Using time travel as part of the narrative, and not just a mode of transportation.  They did a good job of using it without us having to question every little detail.
  • Everything that could have been the “creature” could also be perfectly explained as something WAY more believable.  It always had you question.”
  • Coleman gave her best performance since joining the show.  Hands down


  • Clara and Danny went right from constantly arguing to kissing pretty quick, if you are following Danny’s narrative.  I am kind of letting it slide, because I like both characters.
  • Why didn’t the Doctor remember the toy soldiers?  Or did he and just wasn’t saying anything.  Unless his disdain for them in Rupert’s room was his way of showing how HIS soldier didn’t help him.  That’s a good question.  Hmmm.

Grade: A

Two A’s in a row.  Looks like they are finally hitting their stride.  Next week’s episode looks super sci-fi oriented.  Let’s hope the VFX match up with the story they are trying to tell.


Donnie (@dtrain1813)


Photo Source: http://static.bbc.co.uk/programmeimages/608xn/images/p0263q7g.jpg

Arkham Knight Collector’s Editions, and My Hope to “Save” Money


The Arkham series of video games are not only my favorite video games of all time, but also the representation of my absolute favorite version of Batman.  I’ve actually started writing an article on that, and hope to finish it soon.  So you can imagine how disheartening it was to hear that Batman: Arkham Knight, the final chapter in the series, was being delayed until 2015, from its original release date of October 14 (October 14 is my wedding anniversary, so maybe in the long run this was a blessing).

A few days ago, Rocksteady, the studio that develops the Arkham games, finally revealed something we fans having been waiting what seems an eternity for, the release date of Arkham Knight: June 2, 2015.  Not only was the date given, but also a look at the TWO special editions that will be offered to fans.

The Batmobile Edition


This edition includes:

  • A Steelbook case and game disc
  • An Artbook
  • An Exclusive Comic Book
  • A Three Skin Pack, based on characters from the New 52. (As of right now, the specific skins have not been released)
  • A Limited Edition Batmobile Statue

This version runs for 199.99 and will be available for both PS4 and XBox One

The Limited Edition


This version includes the same items as the previous, but instead of the Batmobile, it comes with a limited edition Batman statue.  This will run 99.99 and will also be available for PS4 and XBox.  This edition will also release for PC, but only in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  I wish it was available in the US for PC, as my wife is a PC gamer, but at least New Zealand is getting it.  I mean, you can only talk about LotR for so long, guys, right?  RIGHT?????

That’s not all.  If you pre-order at Gamestop, you also receive the Red Hood Story Pack, allowing you to play as the tortured character from Batman’s past  (Trying to not spoil it for some people).


Regardless of version or platform, as long as you pre-order the game, you get the Harley Quinn DLC, being able to play as the Joker’s better half for the first time in franchise history.

Now to my conundrum.  Which version do I get?  I want both statues, but am not sure if getting two copies of the game is really a good use of money.  I think I have a plan, that if someone goes along with it, will be foolproof:

  1. I get the Batmobile Edition (I’m going for PS4 this time.  All the others, I played on Xbox, so I want to change it up a bit.)
  2. Someone that just wants the game buys the Limited Edition, subtract 59.99 from the total, and I pay the difference, and get my statue without having to pay full price for two games.  EASY.  PEASY.

Well, that settles it.  I am WAY proud of myself.  Now to find a sucker….er…FRIEND, that will be willing to fall for…um…HELP OUT, with the plan.  I have some work to do.  June is only 9 months away.


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

Sources: Polygon, Gamestop

Doctor Who – Season 8, Episode 3: Robots of Sherwood




Out of the three episodes this season, this one is my favorite.  While it does have one reference to the overall story arc, “Robots of Sherwood” is mainly a one-off episode, teaming the Doctor with another legendary British character, Robin Hood.  Here is my recap and review:

The Doctor is working on a chalkboard in the T.A.R.D.I.S., doing some sort of calculations.  We can only suspect that this is a continuation of the work he was doing on the floor of Vastra’s home in the season premiere.  He tells Clara to pick any time and any place to travel.  She says there’s always been someone she’s wanted to meet, but is afraid the Doctor will just make fun of her, saying this person doesn’t exist.  She finally tells him that she wants to meet Robin Hood.  Sure enough, the Doctor doesn’t disappoint and starts teasing Clara.  After some prodding, the Doctor finally relents and they travel back to “1190ish.”

  • I first noticed in this episode that the Doctor seems to be able to fly the T.A.R.D.I.S. with much more ease that his previous incarnations.  He doesn’t run around like a chicken with his head cut off anymore.

The T.A.R.D.I.S. lands in Sherwood forest, and as the Doctor proclaims there is no such thing as Robin Hood, he is greeted by an arrow…shot by Robin Hood.

Robin assumes that the appearance of the T.A.R.D.I.S.is magic, a “trick with mirrors” and attempts to take it from the Doctor.  Robin begins to laugh, as let it be know that this is a running theme throughout the episode.  After some more banter between Robin and the Doctor, Clara emerges from the T.A.R.D.I.S. looking like Maid Marian would look like.  After the Doctor proclaims that he doesn’t believe this man to actually be Robin hood, he is challenged to a duel for the T.A.R.D.I.S.  Robin uses his sword and the Doctor uses his…spoon.

  • This is the first sign this season that even though Capaldi’s doctor is darker than Smith’s, he can still be the fun Doctor we have always grown to love.

The Doctor wins the duel, pushing Robin into the creek they were fighting over.  Robin gets the last laugh as he swims behind the Doctor and pushes him in as well, resulting in yet another hearty laugh.

We are now taken to a small village, where some knights have a young woman in chains, leading her away with an older man pleading that they take him instead.  The Sheriff of Nottingham arrives, taking the woman, the man’s gold, and the man’s life, who had the audacity to stand up to the sheriff and spit in his face.

Back at Robin’s camp, Clara is introduced to Robin’s companions.  The Doctor is analyzing each of them, trying to determine exactly where they are, since Robin Hood doesn’t exist.  By accident, Clara is the one who actually names them “Robin Hood and his Merry Men.”  The Doctor questions why they are laughing all the time, thinking there’s something sinister.  Clara knows better, realizing the constant laughter is to help hide Robin’s sadness for losing his home and his love, Marian.  The Doctor becomes even more suspicious of the situation when asking what season it is.  Robin replies that it is autumn, but it is too sunny and green for that time of year in England.

We are now at the Sheriff’s castle, where he is holding an archery tournament, an obvious trap for Robin Hood.  Not one to disappoint, Robin enters and wins the contest, the prize being an arrow made of 100% gold.

  • Stephen Amell would get a migraine watching this particular scene.  The form of the Sheriff alone I think would kill him.

The Doctor interferes however, shooting his own arrow and winning the contest.  Not wanting the golden arrow as his prize, the Doctor would rather have “enlightenment” (basically an explanation as to what the hell is going on).  The Doctor and Robin go back and forth shooting arrows, trying to one up the other, until the Doctor blows up the target with the sonic, getting tired with wasting time.  The Sheriff calls for their capture, and in the resulting fight, Robin slices the arm of one of the knights, revealing them to be laser shooting robots.  The knights start shooting into the crowd, dispersing everyone.  The Doctor then gets himself, Robin, and Clara captured, because by his logic, it’s the best way to find out your enemy’s plan.

Deep within the castle, the robot knights have put many captured peasants to work, including the young woman from earlier.  When she attempts to help a fellow prisoner who has collapsed from exhaustion, she can only stand by as a robot disintegrates the man, deeming him no longer useful.

In one of the castle’s towers, Robin, Clara, and the Doctor are chained together.  More banter ensues between Robin and the Doctor.  Clara finally has enough and begins to take charge.  The guard eventually comes in and says he was to listen and take whoever was in charge of the group to the Sheriff.  I don’t think anyone was surprised when the guard takes Clara.

Back at Robin’s camp, the Merry Men try to come up with a rescue plan, when one of them notices that the Sheriff has been raiding villages, but only taking gold, leaving the rest.  The scene fades back to the castle, where the melted down gold is poured into what looks like circuit boards.

In the Sheriff’s dining room, Clara uses her “Clara powers” to eventually trick the Sheriff into revealing his plan, to use the robots and their alien ship to conquer England.

  • He then says “THEN THE WORLD!!” after that.  They could have done a little better there.

Meanwhile , Robin and the Doctor attempt to escape.  They knock out the guard, but their egos get in the way again, resulting in the chain keys falling down into the sewers.  After escaping their cell, still chained together, they find a blacksmith room and set themselves free.  They come upon the control room to the alien’s ship, where the Doctor accesses its database.  The location the ship was primed for was called “Promised Land,” mentioned in the season premiere.

  • This was the only reference to the season-arc.  I still count this as a one-off, as if that scene was deleted, the point of the episode would still be intact.

The Doctor then shows Robin records of how “Robin Hood” is nothing more than a legend, confirming the Doctor’s suspicions that Robin is also a robot.  While the Doctor is trying to force Robin to admit his “true identity,” the Sheriff breaks into the control room with Clara, robot knights in tow.  Robin is able to escape the castle with Clara.  The Doctor realizes that the gold is to repair the circuitry of the ship, but tries to tell the sheriff that the damage is too great, and that he is just building a huge bomb.  The Sheriff responds by knocking the Doctor unconscious and throwing him in the dungeon.

The Doctor awakens in the dungeon next to the peasant woman.  He needs the woman’s help, because he’s already devised a plan to escape.  He and the other captured villagers use the reflective surfaces of the stolen gold objects to bounce the lasers of the robot knights back at them, defeating them all.  The villagers are able to escape, and the Doctor comes face to face with the Sheriff was again.  It is this confrontation that the Doctor realizes that Robin is actually real.  Just in time, as Robin and Clara return to rescue him.  The final battle takes place between Robin and the Sheriff, the climax of which takes place on a support beam above the gold smelting pot.  After losing his sword, Robin uses the same move the Doctor used on him to defeat the Sheriff and knock him into the smelting pot, killing him.

Outside the castle, the ship takes off, but it doesn’t have enough power to reach orbit.  If the ship explodes in the atmosphere, have the countryside will be destroyed as a result.  The Doctor realizes that the golden arrow from the contest may have enough power to get the ship into orbit.  Having hurt his arm in his fight with the Sheriff, Robin requires the help of both Clara and the Doctor to shoot the arrow.  It hits its target and the ship explodes in orbit, saving everyone.

  • THAT was a stretch…

Back at the T.A.R.D.I.S., Clara and Robin say their goodbyes.  The Doctor and Robin discuss how Robin is not known as a real man in the future, but as a literary tale.  He is okay with that, as long as his story is remembered.  He reminds the doctor that even if neither of them consider themselves heroes, if they kept pretending to be, then others can become heroes in there name.  Proving he is more of a hero than he lets on, the Doctor leaves Robin a present as the T.A.R.D.I.S.fades away.  The woman prisoner who helped the Doctor, was in fact, Robin’s Maid Marian.


  • “What about you?” “Me?” “Yeah, you.  You stop bad things from happening every minute of every day.  That sounds pretty heroic to me.”
  • “And do people punch you in the face when you do that?” “Not as yet.” “Well, lucky I’m here then, isn’t it?”
  • “Oh.  Oh, there’s diseases.  If you were real, you’d be dead in six months.  “But I AM real.” “…Bye.”
  • “I’m going to need a sample.” (The Doctor places a cup towards Robin to collect a urine sample)
  • “RIght.  THAT wasn’t even funny.  THAT was bantering.  I am TOTALLY against…bantering.”
  • “When did you stop believing in everything?” “When did you start believing in impossible heroes?” “Don’t you know?”
  • “Long-haired ninny vs. robot killer knights?  I know where I’d put my money.”
  • “Soiled myself?” “Did you?  That’s getting into character.”
  • “Well, there is a bright side.  Clara didn’t see that.”
  • “Be safe as you can be, but ALWAYS be amazing.”

The Good:

  • The humor.  Just because the Doctor is older and more serious, doesn’t mean he can’t be funny.  This show that the character can change without changing the reason we love the doctor.
  • The “what-if” scenario.  We saw the Doctor team with Robin Hood.  Who’s next?  Sometimes I wish networks would make “elseworlds” type episodes where characters can team up, but doesn’t count towards continuity.  Just something cool for us to see.
  • I hope the “answering a rhetorical question literally” shtick he started last episode continues.  It’s really funny.


  • The end scene with the arrow going into the ship.  That was SUPER Cheesy.  They could have explained that a little better so shooting the arrow into the side of the ship made sense.  If I was driving my car past a gas station and someone sprayed gas on it, my car wouldn’t go faster.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the episode.  I can tell the tone of the overall story arc looks serious, so these episodes within the season are refreshing, and needed.


Grade: A.  There it is. the A episode we needed.  Sure it has flaws but it didn’t take away what made the episode great.




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Doctor Who – Season 8, Episode 2: Into the Dalek


     Here is the second episode of season 8 of Doctor Who.  It is also the first episode where the Doctor is 100% number 12, with any remnants of number 11 fading away after the last episode  (I hope you understand that “fading away” is in reference to the regeneration process only, and not the Doctor in general.  Of course you do.  You are smart people).  Here is the synopsis for “Into the Dalek.”

A fighter ship is flying through space, under heavy fire from a Star Destroyer sized vessel.  The pilot of the fighter ship is attempting to reach her command ship, the Aristotle.  Her co-pilot is dead.  The large vessel follows the fighter ship into an asteroid field, where it is revealed that the pursuers are the Daleks.  A few moments later, the fighter ship is destroyed by the Daleks, but the surviving pilot is not killed.  Instead she awakens inside the T.A.R.D.I.S., being looked at by the Doctor, who for some reason is holding two cups of coffee shop coffee.  The pilot, who identifies herself to be Journey Blue of the Galactic Resistance asks where her brother Kai (the co-pilot) is.  The Doctor reveals that Kai is dead, and that he saved her at the last possible second.  Journey points her gun at the Doctor, demanding to be taken back to the Aristotle.  The Doctor agrees, but only when he forces her to ask nicely.  He transports the T.A.R.D.I.S. inside the Aristotle, which is hidden behind one of the larger asteroids in the field.  The Leader of the resistance, called “Uncle” by his men, is grateful that the Doctor saved Journey, but still has to kill him, not taking the risk that the Doctor is actually a Dalek spy.  This helps reaffirm the Doctor’s distaste for soldiers.  Journey is able to convince Uncle not kill the Doctor.  They have a patient that needs assistance.  To the Doctor’s shock, it is a captured Dalek.

  • This is the prologue the episode. I REALLY like the new intro music.  I believe I said it last week, but I am saying it again.

The next scene opens with an army drill instructor yelling at “soldiers.”  These soldiers are students at Clara’s school, and the drill instructor is the new math teacher Danny Pink.  Later that day in class, a student asks Danny, a former ACTUAL soldier, if he had ever killed a man.  After sidestepping the question, Danny is brought to tears when asked if he had ever killed a civilian.  Danny has a very awkward first meeting with Clara, and then after ANOTHER awkward, yet sweet, interaction the two decide to grab some coffee.

  • Interesting use of the back and forth camera shots between Danny in his classroom and the conversation with Clara. I haven’t seen the show do something like that before.  It’s a nice change of pace.

Clara goes into a supply closet and almost walks right into the Doctor, who is there with the coffee he was sent to get…three weeks ago.  He questions why she is smiling, knowing she met someone, then tries to deflect the issue by making fun of her age.  He says she needs her help, and he starts the T.A.R.D.I.S. back up to return to the Aristotle.  We then see the “Am I good man?” conversation that was featured in the trailers.  Just like the trailers, Clara doesn’t know how to answer the Doctor’s question.

They return to the Aristiotle and begin to examine the Dalek, who doesn’t recognize the Doctor as its race’s greatest enemy.  Clara questions why he wants to help the Dalek.  “A Dalek so damaged it’s turned good?  How can I resist?”  Using a “shrink ray” the rebels use for surgery, The Doctor, Clara, Journey, and two more soldiers are miniaturized and inserted into the Dalek to discover the problem and hopefully repair it.

The group enters “Rusty’s” (The Doctor’s new nickname for it) brain, and discover the electronic memory bank system.  This houses all of the Daleks’ memories and represses any that would bring about emotions of joy and happiness, leaving only hatred at the forefront.  One of the soldiers, Ross, uses a grappling hook to ascend to another level, but this hurts Rusty, forcing it to release its internal antibodies, just like any other living creature.  The antibodies kill Ross, but not before the doctor places a tracker in him.  They follow the tracker down a shaft into the Rusty’s protein reserves.  Since everything in it is already dead, the antibodies would have no reason to travel there, buying the group time.

After traveling further through Rusty, the group discovers a high level of radiation.  The Doctor realizes that there is a leak in Rusty’s system, and that is what is poisoning it.  While searching for the leak, the Doctor asks Rusty why it has changed.  It responds that it has seen the birth of a star.  With all the destruction the Dalek race has caused, life prevails, and resistance to it is futile.

The group reaches Rusty’s “heart,” and the Doctor repairs the leak with his sonic screwdriver.  However, they then realize that the radiation poisoning from the leak was affecting Rusty’s brain chemistry.  Once the leak was fixed, Rusty reverted to its original self.  The “cured” Dalek breaks free from its room and begins killing the crew of the Aristotle.  It is then able to contact the Dalek fleet and reveal the hidden location of the rebel ship.

Feeling defeated, a slap from Clara puts the Doctor back in his place, and he comes up with a plan.  Rusty was good once, and it can be good again.  He sends Clara and Journey back up to the electronic memory bank in an attempt to get the Dalek to remember the birth of the star, the memory that caused Rusty to question itself in the first place.  Realizing how far it will be to climb, Gretchen, the other soldier, sacrifices herself and uses the grappling hook to get Clara and Journey to safety.  After a failed attempt to fight off the antibodies, Gretchen screams…and then stops.  She opens her eyes and is sitting at a table across from Missy.  Missy welcomes Gretchen to Heaven, and pours her some tea.

  • Nice little twist. You think this is a one-off episode, but it isn’t.  Everything has some meaning.

Clara and Journey reach the memory banks, and are able to reignite the memory of the star into Rusty’s brain.  The Doctor takes it a step further.  He rewires Rusty and is able to let it see into his mind.  The Dalek sees the same beauty the Doctor has seen, but also the hatred the Doctor has for the Dalek race.  It is too much for Rusty, and the Doctor’s hatred becomes Rusty’s hatred.  Rusty then begins to kill the Daleks that breached the Aristotle, just before they were about to wipe out the entire crew.

In the aftermath, Rusty communicates to the rest of the Dalek fleet that the Aristotle has self destucted.  Rusty will return to the fleet, because it has “a lot of work to do,” meaning more Daleks to kill.  Unhappy with what he inadvertently caused, the Doctor returns to the T.A.R.D.I.S. without saying goodbye to the crew.  Journey pleads with the Doctor to take her with him.  “Underneath it all you’re kind.  Definitely brave.  I just wish you hadn’t been a soldier,” was the Doctor’s response as the T.A.R.D.I.S. leaves…without Journey.

Clara is about to go on her date with Danny.  Before she leaves she tells the Doctor she still doesn’t know if he’s a good man.  But she knows he’s trying to be…and that’s probably the point.


  • “Not like that. Not like that.  Get it right.”
  • “It’s smaller on the outside.” “It’s more exciting when you go the other way.”
  • “I got distracted.” “With what?” “You can always find something. C’mon.”
  • “That’s right. She’s my carer.  This way I don’t have to.”
  • “Is Ross in here?” “Yes. He’s the top layer if you want to say a few words.”
  • “You have to get up there and find that moment and reawaken it.” “ME?” “Yes, you. Great idea.”


  • The Doctor had more one liners that last week. Regardless of the dark tone they may be leaning towards, the WIT always needs to stay.
  • Danny Pink. Great job with making you want to like him right away.
  • Making you realize that Missy IS important to this season’s story, and we will NOT forget it.


  • No frame of reference as to where and when this whole battle was occurring. Usually with the Daleks we know why they are where they are.  This just seemed like “random space battle number 15.”
  • That slap was WAY too loud. It seemed almost cartoonish.
  • Danny crying in class seemed a little over the top.
  • Setting up the eventual conflict between the Doctor and Danny was a little TOO obvious.

Overall Grade: B

So far nothing A+ yet this season.  However, Capaldi and Coleman are NOT the reason why, that’s for sure.  Think of them as Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone from Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Whatever problems you had with that movie, those two were NOT it.



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What I’m Watching: Let’s Look at Donnie’s DVR.

The fall TV season is right around the corner.  For me, this could be the biggest fall season of my viewing life.  I remember back in 1990, when the FIRST Flash TV show premiered.  At the time, it was the only thing of its kind.  Hell, Doctor Who hadn’t been on the air for over a year.  Now, looking ahead to this year, the amount of TV in the geek wheelhouse is astounding.  We live in world that is ruled by a zombie TV show, where 10 years ago it was ruled by Survivor.

     As hard as it is to believe, I watch TV more than ever now.  We of course can thank Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. for this.  It’s a binging culture now, where because we have the access to it, don’t want to stop watching it.

     With all this content, I decided to take a look at my DVR.  Here is what I am currently recording:

  1. The Simpsons
  2. Impractical Jokers
  3. Family Guy
  4. Supernatural
  5. 0
  6. Ultimate Spider-Man
  7. Doctor Who
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  9. Elementary
  10. Arrow
  11. Teen Titans Go!
  12. Marvel’s Avengers Assemble
  13. Beware the Batman
  14. Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
  15. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  16. The Blacklist
  17. Orphan Black
  18. The Wil Wheaton Project
  19. Falling Skies
  20. The Vampire Diaries
  21. Archer
  22. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  23. NCIS
  24. @Midnight
  25. Hannibal
  26. Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail
  27. Legends

Wow.  That’s QUITE the list there.  What’s even crazier is that it doesn’t include the NEW shows I am going to add the list this fall:

  1. The Walking Dead/Talking Dead (I caught up)
  2. The Flash
  3. Gotham
  4. iZombie
  5. Constantine
  6. Agent Carter
  7. Game of Thrones (Late to the party, but better late than never)

Now we can debate all night as it pertains to “You SHOULD be watching XXXX,” or “WHAT?  XXXX SUCKS! Why are you watching that?”  Well, that’s the cool thing with TV is that it’s all subjective.  That means I can watch anything I want, and I shouldn’t be criticized for it.  Same with you.  (Please know the difference with giving your friends shit for not watching Game of Thrones and actually judging them for it.  No reason to be assholes.

     I don’t really have a goal with this post other than to show people what I am into as far as television goes.  Good night and Godspeed.



Donnie (@dtrain1813)