The Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 2: Strangers


     When TV shows have a strong premiere, whether is as season or series, one word that gets thrown around the second week is momentum.  Was the show able to take the strength from the previous week and still keep the viewer engaged?  Even though it wasn’t as action packed as “No Sanctuary,” I feel that “Strangers” was definitely a great follow-up.  Here is my recap/review.

With smoke still rising from what is left of Terminus, the group slowly makes their way through the woods, not really sure of their destination yet.  During a rest break, Rick talks with Tara, basically giving his approval for her being part of the group.  They celebrate with a fist bump.  Carol and Tyrese are at a stream getting water, and Tyrese tells her that the rest of the group will accept her back, even after knowing what happened at the prison.  He will not tell them about the girls.  Tyrese wants to forget it, and this is the best way to do that.

As they continue on, a walkers comes out of the woods.  Michonne goes for her sword, but nothing is there, since it was lost back in Terminus.  As she takes the walker out with her gun, Abraham whispers to Rosita, “Right there is why we’re waiting for our moment.”  Not sure if that was to just talk about Washington, or something else (worse).

That night at camp, Rick and Carol are able to talk and make peace with one another.  Later, she is on watch with Darryl, and tells him she doesn’t want to talk about the prison.  They hear a rustling in the woods, and while they can’t see anything, someone walks around in the shadows, watching them.

The next day, Abraham suggests to Rick that it’s time to get out of the woods and back to the road, to which Rick agrees.  Up ahead, Bob and Sasha are playing a game.  Sasha will say something bad about their experience, and he will always try to find the good side to it.

Nearby,  a man is heard screaming.  After some pleading from Carl, Rick and the group save a priest from being attacked by walkers.  After a somewhat awkward and tense introduction, the priest, Gabriel, leads the group back to his church, where he been living ever since everything started.

After doing some recon of the church, the group agrees that it is safe to set up camp there for awhile.  Abraham found a church bus in the back, and said it can be ready in a day or two.  Rick says the group is not going anywhere until they are able to get more supplies.  Gabriel tells them there is a place for supplies in the nearby town, but it is overrun by about a dozen walkers.  Rick decides to check it out with Michonne, Bob, and Sasha, and since he doesn’t trust him, Rick makes Gabriel take them there.  Before they leave, he has a talk with Carl, advising him to always be on his guard.  No matter how safe he may feel, he’s not.  Carl, showing signs of really growing up, tells his dad that they may not be safe, but they are strong, and can handle anything that comes their way.

As they walk into town, Bob asks Rick about Washington.  Rick still doesn’t know if that’s where they should go.  Ever the hopeful one, Bob does his best to convince Rick it’s the right thing to do, and that with Eugene’s “cure,” the world can go back to the way it was.

Carol and Darryl are walking back to the church with some water they gathered.  Darryl tries to convince Carol that it’s time to start over, and to forget the past so they can move on and attempt to be happy.  Carol really wants that.  They find an abandoned car with a generator in the trunk.  They leave it there in case things go south at the church and they need to get away.

Glen, Maggie, and Tara are in another part of the town, looking for ammunition.  At a gunshop, Glen was able to find three silencers.  While not really needed now, I am 100% sure they will come into play by, hmmm, episode 13.  That’s my guess.

Rick’s group arrives at the town food bank, but due to flooding and water damage, the floor holding the food has caved in, and is infested with walkers.  Using shelving as a barricade, the group makes their way down into the sewage infested basement to get their supplies.

They manage to fend off the walkers, but one was “hiding” under the water and almost took out Bob.  Gabriel also panics as a walker heads for him.  Rick saves him, and questions him afterwards as whether or not he new the walker when she was alive.

Walking back with the food, Rick asks Michonne if she misses her sword.  She talks about how she doesn’t really miss “things” anymore.  Just people, like Andrea and Hershel.

Carl is waiting for his dad at the church, and has somethings to show him.  One of the widows looks like it was scratched at with a knife, as if someone was trying to break in.  On the back wall, he finds the words “YOU WILL BURN FOR THIS” etched into it.  They aren’t sure what this means in regards to Gabriel just yet, but it’s definitely something to be concerned about.

That night, the group has their version of “family dinner.”  Abraham gives a speech about how getting to Washington will not only save them, but possibly the world as well.  Rick finally agrees, and they decide that D.C. will be there next stop.  No longer wanting to hide anything, Tara tells Maggie she was originally with the Governor, and how he manipulated her.  Maggie hugs her, stating “you’re with US, now.”  All is forgiven.  Rick approaches Gabriel.  He knows he is hiding something.  Rick doesn’t pry, but if whatever Gabriel hiding ends up hurting his friends, Rick WILL kill him.

Carol is able to get the engine to the getaway car started.  Before she could runaway again, Darryl is able to stop her.  Before they can discuss what she was doing, another car drives by, the same car that too Beth.  Darryl and Carol hop in the getaway car and race after them.

Bob goes outside to relieve himself and finally breaks down.  Days and days of being the positive one, getting THAT close to getting bitten was his breaking point.  He doesn’t have time to recover, as someone knocks him out from behind.

Bob slowly comes to, and is horrified when Gareth is hovering over him.  Gareth goes into this speech about how they don’t WANT to hurt him, but the group left them no choice.  He continues to talk about how the Termites will get each and every one of them, as a montage of the group being happy is shown.  Also shown is Gabriel, looking at an old picture of him with one of his parishioners, the Walker from the food bank.  Gareth tell Bob that even though none of this is personal, they “still have to eat.”  Bob looks down to see that his left leg has been amputated.  As Gareth takes a bit of cooked meat, he is kind enough to let Bob know “he tastes much better than they thought he would.”

Important Notes

  • This episode wasn’t about finding Gabriel.  It was about the complete destruction of Bob.  Act One: He’s always finding the good in every situation.  Act Two: He is almost bitten.  Act Three: He’s been kidnapped, his leg has been amputated, and his captors are eating it.  It was a great character study of what it will take to finally break a person.
  • Carol is still an outcast.  Not in the groups eyes, but her own.  That’s why she was leaving.  Darryl is pretty much the anchor keeping her there.
  • Tyrese still is not a killer.  He was way too quick with agreeing to stay with Judith.  The proof however, was in the last scene, as the Termite he supposedly killed was among the group that took Bob.
  • I STILL can’t tell if that was a blooper or not when Darryl dropped the water jug.  Both of them did a great job of not laughing, so if it was, I agree with the decision to keep it in, as it added a “real moment” to the episode.
  • Carl.  He’s really growing.  He acts as Rick’s advisor, knowing that the group is strong enough to handle anything.  He’s also getting WAY smart.  Deciding to look at the church, finding the scratch marks and etching.  THAT’S some decent detective work.


  • I don’t like Michonne without her sword.  Yeah, she can still fight, but watching her swordplay was visually pretty cool.  I hope she gets it back.  OOOH!  Maybe that’s what the Termites used to cut off Bob’s leg.  Gross and cool at the same time.
  • Gabriel could not have made it MORE obvious he was hiding something.  At least TRY.


While not the “I’ve come here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum” episode the premier was, “Strangers” did introduce us to a new character, let us know that the Termites aren’t only back, but they they never left, and got us a little closer to finding out what happened to Beth.  Hopefully we’ll get to see her next week.


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Doctor Who – Season 8, Episode 9: Flatline


     As we get closer and closer to the season finale, we finally get a brief glimpse of what’s to come, but not before another adventure.  This time, it’s Clara turn to be the Doctor.  Here is the recap/review of “Flatline.”

A man is talking quietly to the police on the telephone.  He is talking about how “He’s figured it out,” and “They’re all in danger.”  Before he can explain further, the man suddenly disappears, the telephone dangling by its cord.  As the policewoman on the other line is calling out to him, the camera glides over to a wall, revealing that somehow the man has been become part of it.

Clara is packing up her things as the Doctor is taking her back from another of their trips.  He lets her know that she can keep things in the TARDIS, since it has LITERALLY acres of space.  She makes an excuse, having lied to the Doctor about Danny being okay with her travelling with him.  As she goes to leave, both of them are startled to realize the door of the TARDIS has shrunk.  They squeeze outside, and the Police Box exterior has shrunk as well.  The Doctor, excited he has found something he can’t explain, sends Clara off to investigate as he crawls back into the TARDIS.

A group of community service workers are painting over graffiti.  The supervisor is giving a young boy, Rigsy, a hard time, as it’s HIS graffiti they are cleaning.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor is scanning all of the instruments, when he feels a slight tremor run through the ship.  He looks over at the door again, and while we can’t see what has happened, the look on the Doctor’s face definitely implies it “can’t be good.”

Clara walks around the town and comes across a memorial and a mural.  She meets Rigsy, who tells her about the people gone missing.

Clara heads back to the TARDIS to discuss with the Doctor about a possible connection.  What she finds is a TARDIS like the one we can get at any Hot Topic.  While the outside is shrinking, the inside is still the same size, so the Doctor is trapped.  He is able to give Clara the Psychic Paper, the Sonic Screwdriver, and an earpiece that also acts as a camera, so the Doctor can see what Clara does.

Clara meets up with Rigsy again, and he takes her to the apartment of the latest victim.  She almost scares him off with the idea that the man was actually shrunk down and may be hiding somewhere in the room.  It takes her introducing him to “Tiny Doctor” to get him to stay.  Alarms suddenly go off in the TARDIS, and a huge amount of energy is being drained from it.  This is Clara and Rigsy’s cue to get out of there.

Clara uses the psychic paper and as an MI-5 agents, gets a policewoman to let her and Rigsy into the apartment of the first victim.  The Doctor chimes in and says that if they are not in the room, the next step is that they are in the walls, and hands her a sledgehammer through the TARDIS.  As she and Rigsy start breaking down the wall, the policewoman, PC Forrest goes into another room to take a call.  Unfortunately for her, whatever they are looking for is in that room and, for lack of better term, sucks her into the floor.  Hearing her scream, Clara and Rigsy enter to find her gone, until they notice a mural on the wall.  The Doctor determines that this mural is Forrest’s nervous system.  Whatever is doing this is taking people and running experiments of them, at the cost of their lives.  The creature begins to swarm Clara and Rigsy, but they are able to escape out a window before being “flattened” themselves.

As Clara and Rigsy are walking back to the rest of Rigsy’s work crew, The Doctor lectures Clara about lying to him, as he just figured out Danny doesn’t know she is still travelling with him.  No time to go into THAT mess, as when they return to the work group, they are starting to paint over the mural.  The Doctor has determined that these creatures are from the second dimension, and are trying to break over into the third.  The Doctor realizes that this mural is actually the missing people.  Clara tries to get the crew out of the tunnel the mural is in, but it doesn’t work, well, until one of the crew members is sucked into the wall and killed.  As the creatures begin to give chase to the group, they head into a subway maintenance building.

Inside the maintenance building, Clara quickly takes charge, much like the Doctor does.  The Doctor has a hopeful theory that the creatures may not understand what they are doing to us, and with Clara’s help begins to communicate with them.  They are able to make contact, but it doesn’t help them as another crew member is killed.  The survivors escape, making their way into the subway tunnels.

In the tunnels, their only escape route has been flattened by the creatures.  Things don’t get much better as the creatures have finally accessed our world and can form 3D shapes, using this new ability to kill yet another crew member.  The Doctor creates a device that can restore the dimensions to the door, and the three remaining people escape.  Clara uses the device to re-flatten the door to the creature can’t follow.  However, another ability they now have is one that restores dimensions, and they are able to follow them.  In the confusion, Clara drops the Tardis down a shaft and it lands on tracks just as a train is coming.  Having no power left, the Doctor does his best Thing impression and drags the TARDIS to safety with his hand.  However, the TARDIS is knocked back against the track.  The Doctor is able to pull a lever just before the train arrives, and now Clara can’t reach him.

In another tunnel, the group sees the creatures coming towards them in the distance, as well as a train heading right towards them from the opposite direction.  Clara uses the sonic to signal the train to stop, and the conductor complies.

The Doctor is still alive, trying to reach Clara.  The TARDIS is now in “Siege” mode, which seems to be some sort of lockdown function.  Because of the power drain from the creatures, there is no way to turn it off, so the Doctor is once again trapped.

Since the train was empty, they decide to use it and ram the creatures as either a last ditch effort to destroy them or at least distract them enough to get away.  Rigsy sneaks onto the train and starts driving it towards the creatures, and Clara saves him just in time, as the train is flattened into the wall.  It looks like it was only a distraction as the creatures start to rise in 3D forms again.  As Rigsy and Clara run, she notices a small box on the tracks.  While it LOOKS like the puzzle box from Hellraiser, Clara is pretty sure it’s the TARDIS.

In an old office, Clara comes up with an idea to stop the creatures.  She has Rigsy paint a door on a old poster she found.  She then puts the poster up so it looks like she flattened it.  The creatures arrive and start to use their power on the “door.”  Since the door never existed, the energy is absorbed into the hidden TARDIS, repowering it and restoring it back to normal size.  The Doctor emerges, and sends the creatures (now known as the Boneless) back to their own dimension.

The TARDIS materializes on the surface, and the survivor’s go their separate ways.  Clara tries to get the Doctor to admit she was good at being the Doctor for a day.  He reluctantly agrees that she was exceptional as the Doctor, but “goodness” had nothing to do with it.  As Clara ponders what the Doctor said, the episode ends and Missy watches the entire exchange, happy with Clara.  She has “chosen well.”

The Good:

  • Clara as “The Doctor.”  She got to use the psychic paper, use the sonic, she even had a companion.
  • The Doctor telling the Boneless that they drove him to destroying them.  He tried to communicate and make peace, but they would have not of it, leading him to put Earth’s protection above all else.
  • The Doctor’s reaction to Clara.  She is becoming more and more like him.  She even has standby excuses to text Danny when he calls.  He needs Clara to be his foil, to give him some humanity when be begins to stray.  If she becomes like him, what will the Doctor in turn become?


  • Why is the only thing that is NOT from the UK when it comes to Doctor Who distance?  When they landed, they were “120 miles” from where they were supposed to be.  I am not well-versed in the conversion, and I am decently smart.  Clara probably doesn’t know it either.  Unless they do two takes, one for BBC and one for BBC America.  Hmmm….

Grade: A

I liked this episode a lot, especially on the second viewing, because it showed a LOT about both the Doctor and Clara without us even realizing it.  The Doctor does do his best to preserve life before having to take it.  Clara is becoming more like the Doctor each day, and that scares him.  And what about Danny?  Clara’s constant lies are going to come to a head sooner than later, and it’s not going to be good.  We also are reminded that Missy is still in the background.  With four episodes left, we’ll be seeing a lot of her.


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Arrow – Season 3, Episode 2: Sara


     After last week’s WTF of an ending, we now find Oliver and the team trying to pick up the pieces.  Here is the recap/review of “Sara.”

Oliver, Roy and Felicity enter the Foundry to see Laurel waiting for them, Sara lying on the table, dead.  Felicity breaks down in Roy’s arms, and Laurel in Oliver’s.

  • I liked the scene and their reactions, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how Laurel was able to drag Sara’s body to the Foundry and get it on the table.  Not to mention with all the arrows still intact.

In the first flashback, Maseo takes Oliver to a rooftop with a sniper rifle.  Per Waller’s orders, Oliver is to take out an important target.  After some coercing from Maseo, Oliver takes aim at his target, but Oliver is shocked to learn it’s his best friend, Tommy Merlyn.

  • YAY!  Tommy is back.  :)  (For a mere moment, yes, but a moment nonetheless.)  This is the third season, and I am still impressed with how Stephen Amell makes the conscious effort to make “pre-Arrow” Oliver still sound like a kid.  It will be interesting when the flashbacks transition him into his deeper voice.

Oliver and Laurel are upstairs at Verdant, Laurel reminiscing about Sarah.  She tells Oliver she wants to help find her killer, but he says she needs to take care of her family first, and her father is going to need her.  She won’t tell Captain Lance until they have found the killer, and leaves to get some air.  After what is assumed to be the 500th call to Thea going to voicemail, Oliver decides to investigate where the murder took place.

As Oliver is walking himself through what happened, Diggle joins him on the rooftop.  He tells Oliver that he is NOT going through this alone, and that he is here to help.  Oliver takes his shield down for a moment and agrees (Figurative shield.  If he acquired super powers, I would have mentioned it).  Felicity radios in; Captain Lance need to talk to Arrow.

Lance is waiting in an alleyway, and questions Arrow when he arrives; even under the mask and hood, Lance could tell something was bothering him.  Lance gives Arrow a file.  An international business man was killed in a nightclub, an arrow through his chest.  It seems whoever killed Sarah is not done.

  • I have no problem with Arrow and Lance meeting like this, but I will get irritated if they do the whole “Lance looks away, turns back and Arrow is gone” thing.  That’s blatant copying.  :)

A man is running through a construction site, seemingly for his life.  That life lasted about two seconds, as he turns around and is killed the same way as the business man.  We get a look at the assassin, and he is wearing a full head mask.  Best way to describe it would be a punk rock version of the Dark Archer.

Roy is packing up Sara’s things, while Felicity is cleaning the body.  She talks about how she looked up and was even jealous of Sara for being so strong.  Oliver and Diggle come in and the teams starts their investigation to find the killer.  Oliver sends Diggle to ARGUS to find any known archer assassins (if this wasn’t Arrow, that sentence would be completely ridiculous) on their radar.  Oliver checks his phone again, still no word from Thea.

In Hong Kong, Oliver puts the gun down, refusing to shoot Tommy.  Maseo says he has no choice.  When Oliver logged into his email to send his mother a message, it set off an alert that brought Tommy to search for his friend.  Amanda Waller doesn’t want Oliver compromised, so one way or another, Tommy Merlyn has to be “taken out of the equation.”

  • I don’t think Google Alerts work that way, so how Tommy knew Oliver’s email was accessed is beyond me.  What’s funny is that in 2014, it would have been brushed off as a hack.

Felicity walks in on Roy accessing the computer in an attempt to find Thea.  Roy shows her the letter Thea wrote and the end of season 2, where she says she is never coming back to Starling City.  Felicity tells Roy that he HAS to show Oliver the letter.  She then gets a call, and looking VERY pissed leaves the Foundry because there’s “someone she needs to kill.”

Felicity storms into Queen Consolidated to confront Ray Palmer.  Since he bought the chain of stores where Felicity works, he is now technically her boss.  He gives her the choice to either work for him in the stores, or work for him with a big office and big salary.  She storms off, as this along with Sara’s death is too much for her.  Before she leaves, Ray assures her that things will get better, and that if she needs to talk, she knows where to find him.

  • THANK YOU for not making Palmer an asshole.  I am all for superhero conflict and such, but if the character doesn’t call for it, don’t force it.

Diggle was able to identify the assassin, Simon LaCroix, aka Komodo.  Using what I call “Arrow-Tech” to find him, Arrow is able to stop him just in time from claiming his next victim.  After an action scene that can only be described as “Motorcycle Joust,” Komodo is able to give Arrow the slip.

  • Komodo’s profile from the ARGUS database looked liked his stat page from the Injustce video game.

Back at the foundry, Oliver is nursing his wounds, upset he let Komodo get away.  The team decides to take a different approach, and look into seeing what the victims had in common.

Oliver and Maseo are arguing over killing Tommy.  Oliver is pleading that there has to be something else they can do.  Maseo says there is, and we then see Tommy in his hotel room, fighting with his father on the phone.  After he hangs up, someone dressed in black sneaks up behind Tommy and drugs him, knocking him out.

Laurel goes to the hospital, getting past two guards and starts to question Mr. Kelso, the victim Arrow stopped Komodo from killing.  When Kelso won’t answer her questions, Laurel threatens him by twisting his broken arm.  He is able to tell her about a secret deal to build an oil pipeline for a company called Amertek.  Before he can explain more, Komodo shoots him through the hospital window, killing him.

Oliver and Felicity wait for her NSA program to run possible connections between the victims.  Oliver gets angry because of the delay.  The two discuss how calm Oliver is being over the death of Sara, and he explains that everyone is looking to him to lead.  If he grieves, no one else can.  He came to a realization that there is only one way the life he leads is going to end.  Felicity leaves him alone, realizing that she wants more out of life than one “trapped” in the Foundry.

  • I liked this scene because it showed that there is still some unfinished business/feelings between the two of them after what happened in the last episode.

Oliver tries Thea again.  Roy finally gets the courage to give Oliver the letter.  He tells Oliver everything, and apologizes for not telling him sooner.  Oliver, realizing Roy’s heart was in the right place, forgives him.

Captain Lance arrives at the hospital and tell Laurel to stop taking chances like that, because it can get her killed.  She should leave things like that to her sister.  She still hasn’t told him yet.  Laurel heads to the Foundry with what she has learned.

  • “Honey, a guy just skewered right in front of you.  I hope you’re NOT fine.” – Great line.

The team determines that someone is attempting to stop Amertek from running their underground oil line through Starling City.  They determine the next victim to be Tom Weston, the person bankrolling the deal.  He is currently at a benefit dinner being held at Queen Consolidated by Ray Palmer.  As the team heads there to stop Komodo, Oliver tells Laurel that she is not going.  Her emotions almost got her killed once, and he won’t let it happen again.

Ray gives a speech at the benefit, once again vowing to help make Star(ling) City a better place.  Komodo crashes through a window, but is stopped by Arrow and Arsenal before he can kill Tom Weston.  Arrow gives chase to Komodo, and is eventually able to “pin” him to a wall.  Laurel appears withe gun she took from the Foundry.  Oliver tries his best to talk her out of shooting him, but she pulls the trigger, luckily, Oliver had already taken the bullets out.  Komodo also reveals that he was in Bludhaven the night of Sara’s murder.  He wasn’t the killer they were looking for.

  • The “catch the arrow, spin around and use it” move was AWESOME.

At Verdant, Oliver finds out Komodo’s alibi checks out, and that Sara’s killer is still out there.  He vows to Laurel he will find out who did this, but since the trail has run cold, he doesn’t know when.  He also tells her that it’s time to tell her father what happened to his daughter.

Laurel heads to the police station to talk to her father, but she doesn’t have the courage to tell him just yet.  That night, the team buries Sara in the original grave prepared for her when she was thought lost at sea.  Oliver takes Laurel into his arms when she breaks down, saying it’s not fair that no one will know the person she really was.  Diggle says THEY will remember, and tells her that he and Lila have named their daughter Sara.

  • There is a montage at the end of the show, once scene of which shows Diggle looking over her daughter.  She’s wearing a onesie with “Sara” embroidered on it.  I think this would have been a cooler way to reveal that.

Tommy wakes up in a dark room, a disguised Oliver standing behind him.  He is able to convince Tommy that the email was hacked to attract family members for a ransom opportunity, and that Oliver is actually dead.  Maseo bursts in dressed as a Hong Kong Policeman “scaring” Oliver away.  Their ruse to throw Tommy off the trail and send him home worked, and he doesn’t have to die as a result.

Oliver is sitting in the Foundry.  He and Diggle are talking, and he says it’s time to bring Thea home.  She’s been gone too long.  Diggle announces that he is back on the team until they find Sara’s killer.  Oliver asks, “What about your family,” and Diggle responds, “Sara IS Family.”  As Diggle walks away, Oliver tells him he doesn’t want to die in the Foundry, realizing his life can’t be 100% Arrow.

During a brief montage of the team, Felicity arrives at Queen Consolidated, dressed to impress.  She says she wants more out of life, and takes the job offer from Ray.

The episode ends in a mansion in Corto Maltese.  Three people are sparring with kendo sticks, one of them taking out the other two with ease.  A  man watches, congratulation the victor.  Then man is Malcolm Merlyn and the winner is Thea.


It was a really good episode, but didn’t have the OH CRAP! quality last week’s had.  Once we say Merlyn, we knew that Thea was the winner at the end.  Tommy being back on the show was pretty cool.  Although his drive to find Oliver seemed to be more “New Tommy” than the one Oliver returned to in season 1.  Still loving the Ray Palmer character.   Excellent job all around.


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

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Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 2, Episode 4: Face My Enemy


     SHIELD has something in common with my Fantasy Football team:  both have four wins.  That’s right, the SHIELD streak lives on.  After three weeks of dark, black ops affairs, this episode took a lighter, funnier approach.  My biggest fear that being a lighter episode, in both tone AND scenery, would throw SHIELD back to the mistakes they made in season one.  That did NOT happen.  Here is the recap/review of “Face My Enemy.”

A black towne car pulls up to the remains of a church that has been burned to the ground.  Exiting the car are three officials from the Catholic Church.  The pastor of the destroyed church takes them to the only artifact that survived the fire, a 600 year old painting of Mary and Jesus.  Even more strange than the fact it did not have one scratch on it, was that engraved on the back of it was the alien writing.

What I can assume is a few weeks later, Hunter is walking on South Beach with a beautiful young lady.  It seems like a weekend getaway, until Skye drives by in a scooter, taking something from Hunter that he stole from “his lady’s” purse.

Heading back to the bus, Skye uses what we see now is a flash drive to hack into the computer system to allow Coulson and May to head undercover into a lavish party in an attempt to steal the painting, which is going to be put up for auction.

May and Coulson mingle at the party, posing as a married couple.  May is VERY good at posing as a socialite.  SO much so that it leaves the rest of the team speechless.  They take to the dance floor, using it as a cover to get recon on security guards and cameras.  May confronts Coulson about his hand tremors, which are getting worse.  Coulson knows this, and that’s why he wants to discuss an “exit strategy” with May, in case he ends up just like Garrett.  The discussion is put on hold, as General Talbot arrives at the party.

Knowing their cover will eventually be blown, Coulson takes the initiative and confronts Talbot.  Coulson tells him that they are going through with their mission, and asks Talbot not to stop him.  Acting strangely, Talbot agrees.

Back on the Bus, the rest of the group wait for Coulson and May, and start to bond with each other, Hunter telling a story about his ex wife.  Coulson interjects and he and May decide to go off plan and go for the painting right away.  Using their cover, they are able to get a picture of the owner of the house, and now have a picture of his eyes for a retinal scan.

They take out a guard, and access the house vault, setting off the alarm.  However, the painting is nowhere to be found.  It turns out Talbot had the government requisition the painting.  Now Talbot is on the phone with someone, stating that he has the painting, but is being followed by SHIELD.  The man on the other line is Dr. Whitehall.  General Talbot is with HYDRA.

Coulson and May are able to escape the party, but are stopped by Talbot on the street.  He wants to make a deal.  If Coulson comes in, he can help interpret the writing on the painting.  Coulson agrees, and they will meet at Talbot’s hotel in an hour.  Neither of them trust Talbot of course, so while Coulson goes to debrief the rest of the team, May heads to the hotel to figure out what is REALLY going on.

The team is still waiting to hear from Coulson, and continue their bonding session talking about exes.  Imaginary Simmons tries to get Fitz to join in and be part of the team, but he just lowers his head and walks away.

May picks the lock of Talbot’s hotel room and peaks through the door to see the brainwashed Agent 33 looking over HYRDA files of her and Coulson.  May enters and takes her down, asking what happened to Talbot.  She gets an answer pretty quick, as Talbot attacks her from behind.  Agent 33 takes a tazer to May, knocking her out, but not before May can take off the mask Talbot was wearing, revealing Mr. Bakshi.  (SEE!!! I TOLD YOU I WOULD FIND OUT HIS NAME!!!)  Knowing that they might be compromised, Agent 33 uses the mask (same one from Winter Soldier) to disguise herself as May and infiltrate the Bus.  They hack into May’s phone to retrive the Bus’ location, and Agent 33 heads there.

Fitz is by himself talking to Simmons.  They discuss the reason he won’t socialize, because he feels he can’t hold a conversation because of his condition.  Fake May gets to the Bus and takes Coulson back to the hotel.  As they leave, she plants a virus into the Bus’ systems.

May wakes up back at the hotel, and Basshi threatens to torture her if she doesn’t provide him information.  Fake May and Coulson arrive at the hotel, and Coulson tricks her into blowing her cover.  They begin to fight, which distracts Bakshi.  This gives May time to free herself and join the fight.

Meanwhile, the virus hits the Bus, and begins shutting the systems down.  If they don’t find a way to stop the virus, the Bus will explode.  Thanks to Fitz, they are able to stop the virus and save the plane.

May and Fake May square off, in what is definitely the best fight scene this show has ever had.  Coulson races after Bakshi, who is attempting to get away with the painting.  May wins the fight and Coulson is able to retrieve the painting.  They make a getaway before the HYDRA extraction team can arrive.

On the bus, Fitz is finally able to enjoy time with the group, sharing a beer with Mack and Hunter.  May and Coulson discuss the mission.  The painting is 500 years old, but the writing is new.  Someone else is out there writing just like Coulson, and they have to find them. They then discuss their contingency plan for Coulson.  May says they don’t have to, because she has already come up with one and shows Coulson a “getaway bag” she had already packed, should Coulson turn into another Garrett.

In the post credits scene, Raina is getting into a car, and is ambushed by HYDRA Agents.  Dr. Whitehall is there as well, as inserts a bomb into Raina’s body.  She has 48 hours to turn over the Obelisk, or else, well, BOOM.

The Good

  • “She whispered it in my ear, if you know what I mean.” “Everyone on the planet knows what you mean.”
  • May’s Laughing
  • The Laser Grid Scene
  • The use of the Winter Soldier mask
  • “I can’t believe I’m the only one seeing this.”
  • “Is it this one?” “NO!!!!!!  NO, God No.


  • Did Agent 33 die?
  • Four episodes in a row Whitehall seems to get what he wants.  He needs to be taken down just a notch, maybe two, to show that he can be beaten.


I said it before, when the show starts being bad, I’ll start giving it bad grades.  Until then, it’s A’s for everyone!!!!


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

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The Flash – Season 1, Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive


Okay, The Flash started off really strong, becoming the biggest premiere in CW history.  Was it able to keep with that momentum?  Here is my recap/review of “Fastest Man Alive.”

Barry is racing through the city, and saves multiple people from a burning building.  Cisco is at STAR Labs helping Barry, until they are caught by Caitlin, who orders Barry back to the lab.  On his way, Barry gets a dizzy spell.

Caitlin lectures Barry that he can’t just run around doing whatever he wants.  Barry wants to use his powers to do any good he can, not just fight other metahumans.  Dr. Wells agrees, advising Barry to show restraint.  Before the discussion can continue, Joe calls.  Barry is late, again.  This time at a homicide.

Barry makes it to the crime scene, a gun store.  The owner was killed, and multiple weapons were stolen.  Camera footage shows one suspect, but Barry determines by the footprints that there were actually six.

Joe is disappointed at Barry for being late again.  He knows that Barry is going through a lot, but he will only be able to cover him for so long.  After getting Barry’s assurance that nothing has been said to Iris, he orders Barry upstairs to start going over the evidence.

In a flashback, Barry (I won’t call him “young Barry” anymore.  I feel that if I preface the paragraph with “flashback,” that should imply younger Barry.  If it’s not, I will make sure it’s clear.  I promise) is running down the street, and a patrol car pulls up, Joe inside.  He takes Barry home.  He was running away again to visit his father in prison.  We then get the “You’re not my father” dialogue that we have seen in MANY a television show.

Barry gets another dizzy spell in the lab after using his powers as a centrifuge to run a blood test.  Iris visits him, reminding him that he is taking her to an award ceremony for Simon Stagg that she is covering for her journalism credit.  Since Barry is the science whiz, he is going with her to explain it.  Before they leave, Eddie Thawne visits her girlfriend, much to Barry’s chagrin.

Simon Stagg is receiving the “Man of the Year” award from Central City University for his worn in the field of organ transference.  Barry is attempting to explain what that means to Iris when the ceremony is attacked by the same men who robbed the gun store.  The criminals go to leave after robbing everyone of their money and jewelry, but are stopped by a lone security guard.  The men shoot at the guard, who is saved by Barry.  Barry gives chase to the men, but as they getaway, Barry has another dizzy spell and passes out.

After another tongue lashing from Caitlin about keeping his dizzy spells to himself, the STAR Labs crew runs some tests on Barry, determining that his metabolism is so high, he needs to increase his food intake…BY A LOT.

Joe walks around Barry’s lab, finding his board tracking his mother’s murder.  This bring up another flashback scene where Joe comes home to Barry running away again, this time successfully.  Joe knows where Barry went.  In the present, Joe visits Barry at STAR Labs, trying to convince him that this “hero crusade” should be given up.  After a present day “You’re not my father” speech, Joe leaves, both disappointed and heartbroken.

In one of those secret villain meeting sites you only see on TV (Which really works out in this case), Stagg’s assistant meets with one of the robbers.  The Robber is angry, because the incident was to result in Stagg dead, not just a bag of jewels.  An argument ensues, resulting is the assistant punching the robber in the face and walking away.  He turns around just in time to see SIX copies of the robber attack him and beat him to death.  It turns out that we are dealing with yet another metahuman.  (Yes, I know we already knew that, and I didn’t have to announce it.  Shut it.)

Joe has Barry inspect skin samples from the assistant’s murder the night before.  Iris walks in on the awkward conversation, irritated in her own right for Barry missing their coffee date.  She asks what is going on, and at super speed, he explains everything to her, but since he is going at Flash speed, she sees and hears none of it.  The skin sample results come back, showing that they are made of stem cells, which is impossible, since they are only found in newborns.

Joe and Eddie visit Stagg at one of his warehouses to question him about Danton Black, a former employee who might be holding a grudge.  They are very good detectives, because Danton Black(s) soon arrive and start a firefight.  Barry, against Joe’s wishes arrives on the scene and takes Joe to safety.  Barry is soon overrun by Black and his clones, and can do nothing but run away before he is either beaten or shot to death.

Dr, Wells gives information on Black, how he was working on cellular regeneration when Stagg stole his work and had him fired, hence the vendetta.  He must have been working on an experiment during the accelerator incident, causing him to gain powers.  Barry, distraught over having been beaten so badly, realizes Joe may be right, and his “superhero” dreams were a mistake.

Barry is running through the city, trying to clear his head, and we get a flashback of him sitting in the visiting area of Iron Heights, waiting for his dad.  It turns out Barry’s dad is the one who didn’t want Barry to visit him, not Joe.  He doesn’t want Barry to see him like this.  After telling Barry he can’t help him, he asks that he go with Joe, and leaves.

Barry meets up with Iris at the coffee shop, and doesn’t have a response when she says that her new idea for her journalism credit is to find out the what the red streak is that is saving people around Central City.

Joe is at CCPD, asking Stagg to reconsider police protection.  They are interrupted by Harrison.  It is obvious that he and Stagg have some history.  Harrison and Joe have a conversation about Barry.  According to Wells, Barry quit, but he won’t be able to stop trying to help people.  He will go out again, but it will be with doubt.  Joe needs to help give Barry that push and confidence to be a hero.

Barry is called back to STAR Labs, where they were able to use the skin samples from Black to create one of their own clones.  Basically, the clones are dormant unless the real Black is active.  After determining that Black is on his way to Stagg’s office to kill him, Joe arrives at the lab, and is able to convince Barry that he is the only one that can stop these metahumans.

Black arrives at Stagg Industries, and takes out two security guards.  The Flash arrives and gets Stagg to safety, and does his best to fight off black and his clones.  Black’s vengeance is cause not by his job loss, but by the death of his wife.  If Stagg hadn’t stolen his research, he could have used it to cure her ailing hear condition.  After some pushing from both Wells and Joe, Barry is able to knock out the real Black, which shuts down all the clones.  Realizing he will not get revenge on Stagg, Black takes his own life, despite Barry’s attempt to save him.

Back at STAR Labs, they discuss how Black didn’t really want to be saved, he was too far gone.  Cisco gave him the name “Multiplex” (giving him a name at the end of the episode foreshadows his return, I assume).  Barry lets the team know that when he is out there, they are ALL out there, and he can’t do this without them.

Back at his lab, Barry is going over some paperwork when Joe arrives with some pizza.  He shows Barry he knows about his work on his mother’s murderer and promises that they will find out what really happened, together.

Wells visits Stagg at his office, as Stagg is singing the praises of the man who saved him, and the money that can be made by studying him.  Wells gets up from his chair and kills Stagg, saying that “The Fastest Man Alive, must be kept safe.”

The Good

  • Making fun of the voiceover doing the intro.  Teasing Arrow
  • Barry forgetting his clothes.  Shows he has little details to work on
  • “I’m starting to think “Joe I’m Sorry” is actually my name with how often you keep saying it to me.”
  • “I used to think a man could run a mile in 4 minutes, not 4 seconds.” “I can do it in 3…not relevant.”
  • The smile on his face when he became a human centrifuge.  Loving him loving his powers.
  • Joe telling him Iris is not stupid.  He needs to come up with better excuses
  • The eating weakness.  Barry in the 90s show had it, and Wally had it in the comics.  It’s good that Barry has a weakness.


  • The flashbacks (notice how I didn’t make it into a pun.  I’m not a jerk) don’t need to be in every episode.  Arrow has them, and I think Flash needs to find its own voice.  If they help the story, excellent.  They don’t need to be part of the structure.  We already have a show that does that.
  • The mask is on pretty tight.  Not sure how putting his hand to his ear is going to make the sound come through better.  I know it’s probably to signify to the viewer who he is talking to, but we live in a cell phone world.  We know how earpieces work.
  • They need to teach Barry how to fight.


A strong second outing for the Scarlet Speedster.  Next week is another metahuman, the mist.  These first episodes seem to be a lot of “freak of the week” type stuff, BUT: they are doing it that way because they have to set up the Rogues.  I feel that having theses episodes will have a HUGE payoff towards the end of the season when they decide to become a team like in the comics.


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

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Gotham – Season 1, Episode 4: Gotham


     Okay, Gotham, you’ve got me back a bit.  I said last week what I thought should be the direction of the show, and this week seemed to deliver on that.  There are some issues to still be addressed, but they are definitely improving.  Besides, if you have read this blog before, you know that anything with the word “Arkham” in it has already gained my interest.  Here is my recap/review.

The door to Barbara’s apartment opens and Oswald enters.  After using a fake name and making excuses, Jim takes Oswald outside, and threatens to kill him.  Oswald lets Jim know that he has an “ally” in this imminent war against the mob, and that he can trust him.  Oswald mentions the Arkham section of the city as a catalyst for the war, but disappears into the shadows before Jim can question him further.

In another part of town, a city councilman and his aid are approached by one of his “constituents.”  The man is a liar, you see.  I was able to tell because he assassinated both mean with a bladed weapon of his own creation.

At GCPD, Bullock and Gordon are given the case of councilman Jenkins and his aide.  Bullock brings in a known mugger in the area and starts to question him.  Gordon walks out of the room, realizing this is not their man, and they are just wasting time.  Gordon finds the crime scene evidence waiting for him, and on of the councilman’s files contained information about the Arkham project.

Fish Mooney is at the club, she and Butch are auditioning a young girl to be a lounge singer.  Fish is impressed with her singing, but less impressed with her seduction skills.  If they want to bring men (and their wallets) into the club, they need someone who can do both.

The Mayor is holding a press conference, discussing the Arkham area.  He states how the Waynes’ dream before they were killed was to see the Arkham Asylum rebuilt as a state of the art mental facility, and also fill the area with low-income affordable housing.  He also mentions the other plan to use the area for waste disposal, but decides to fulfill the Waynes wishes.

Oswald is working in the kitchen of Maroni’s restaurant and overhears Maroni talking about a land deal that will bring him LOTS of “opportunity.”  He keeps himself hidden as a group of thugs walk by with multiple large bags of cash.

Jim pays a visit to Alfred, asking if he can have anything regarding the Wayne plan for Gotham.  Alfred informs him that Falcone took over the Waynes’ idea after their death.  Councilman Jenkins was supporting Falcone with this plan, leading him to believe he was killed to swing the vote another way specifically Sal Maroni’s way: the waste disposal plant.  Bruce questions Jim if the councilman’s murder was linked to his parents, as all of them were linked to Arkham in someway.

An umarked van pulls into Arkham Asylum.  The “spike killer” rolls an old barrel out of the van and takes off the top.  Inside is Councilman Zoeller, whose vote would swing in Maroni’s favor.  Zoeller is killed, leaving us wondering why this murderer is going after both sides.

As Jim and Bullock are going over the crime scene, Edward arrives with test results.  The same sharp metal weapon was used at sometime during all three killings.  The same man took out opposing players in the war for Gotham.  Jim can’t explain it, but knows it has something to do with the vote.

  •      Was it me, or did Edward channel a little Gorshin during this scene.  I actually liked it.

Back at the restaurant, Oswald is belittled by the manager again, this time for spying on Maroni’s goons counting cash.  Oswald has little time to get angry, as three masked thugs enter the restaurant and start shooting, killing many people, including the manager.  In the aftermath, some of Maroni’s men find Oswald.  He was able to save one of the cash bags and hide before the crooks took the rest.

  • I was a little upset.  I wanted Oswald to be the one that took out the manager.  :)

Bullock and Gordon visit someone in jail.  They didn’t give his name in the episode.  After describing what happened, the informant, for lack of a better term, knows the weapon used, and gives them the name Gladwell, as well as his place of employment.

  • Okay.  1.) Who IS this guy in jail and 2) How would he know this guy had a desk job.  I am assuming the informant is a red herring of sorts, but this was a little weird.

The detectives arrive at the office building, and rummage through Gladwell’s desk, finding newspaper clippings of both politicians.  Hiding in a supply closet, Gladwell is able to escape after nearly being caught by Gordon.

Bruce wakes up from a nightmare, seeing his mom and dad being killed again.  We all win a 25 dollar gift card to Outback Steakhouse, because we were all the ONE MILLIONTH customer to see that happen.  He is looking over the Arkham files, trying to find some connections to his parents death.

  • I was not a fan of how he ordered Alfred to get the Arkham files for him.  It was WAY too Batman for my tastes.  He needs to learn how to do that over time.

Barbara is waiting for JIm at home, and finally questions him about Oswald Cobblepot.  He figures out Montoya had been talking to her, and she reveals to him her past relationship.  With textbook hypocrisy, Jim is irate for having been lied to by the woman he loves.

Maroni is bouncing off the walls with anger at being attacked.  He vows to get back at Falcone however he can.  He has pressing matters specifically Oswald.  To thank him for saving the cash during the robbery, he promotes Oswald to restaurant manager, since the position “recently became open.”

Bullock looks more into Gladwell, and discovers the killer murdered the real Gladwell and stole his identity, leaving them with only a face to go on.  While Gordon works on a lead they found at the office, Bullock has his own way of working, and heads to Mooney’s.

Mooney is auditioning another singer, a young girl named Liza and while she couldn’t sing very well, she was VERY good at seduction.  Mooney has quite the choice to make.  Bullock arrives and they discuss the case.

Oswald makes a call to Gordon, informing him that Maroni put out a hit on someone who is backing Falcone.  He hangs up giving no more information.  Gordon determines that the Mayor is the next target and races to his home.

Finding no police detail at the Mayor’s home, Gordon convinces the Mayor they need to leave.  They don’t get out in time as Gladwell forces his way into the house.  After a fight with Gordon, Bullock arrives, and the two are forced to kill Gladwell, saving the Mayor.

Barbara visits Jim at work, and apologizes for lying to him, and says there should be no secrets between them.  Knowing it’s for her protection, he refuses to, which prompts her to leave him, for the time being.

Mooney brings both of girls she auditioned to the docks.  Much like the scene from the Dark Knight, the two girls fight for the job, which Liza wins.  Turns out the job is to be Mooney’s assistant, not a lunge singer.

  • Kind of figured it would be Liza, since they went to the trouble of giving her a name.

Oswald, dressed in his new suit, visits an abandoned apartment.  There, he meets with the restaurant robbers.  It turns out he was the one ordering the hits, playing Falcone and Maroni against one another.  As they celebrate over the stolen cash, the three crooks drop dead, Oswald poisoning them.  He takes the cash and leaves.

Having been scared by the attempted hit, the Mayor compromises and splits the Arkham land into half for the income housing and mental facility, and the other have for waste disposal.

Bruce is angry as he watches the newscast.  His parents dream is slowly dying, and Gordon tells him they can’t up, that Gotham can be saved.  Bruce questions whether Jim really believes that.  Jim’s response: “I believe it’s worth trying.”

The Good:

  • The Arkham City reference.  I don’t know if a good thing episode wise.  I don’t care.  Arkham City is my favorite video game.  Ever.  Whenever I see a reference to it, I get happy.
  • I liked Edward doing a Gorshin impression.  He also toned the puzzle metaphors quite a bit.  He’s not the Riddler yet.
  • Robin Lord Taylor.  He’s bringing the Penguin to a new level.
  • Concentrating on the mob war, with the “supervillains” being in the back ground.  Batman is what causes the escalation, not Jim Gordon.


  • They could have explained the inmate better, as well as how he knew the killer’s place of employment like he knew his own address.
  • How did Gordon and Bullock end up with their own little alcove in GCPD?  Was their a name drawing?
  • Jim should have told Barbara about everything.  At this juncture, as long as she doesn’t say anything, telling her won’t cause magic lightning to come out of the sky and kill her.  Sure she called in the tip in episode 2, but at the time, she didn’t know what was going on.  Maybe if he was straight with her, he could feel a little easier about dealing with the corruption he sees daily.

Grade: B

Much better this week than last week.  Some more changes as far as focus, and the show will have two STRONG legs to stand on.


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

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The Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 1: No Sanctuary


     I will admit, I took a long break from The Walking Dead.  With SO much television, it was one of the shows I had to sacrifice.  When I decided to concentrate the blog on TV and such, I decided to add TWD to the mix.  I binge watched seasons 1-4 over the summer, and was all set for season 5.  Was it worth me coming back?  Definitely.  Here is my recap/review of “No Sanctuary.”

A flashback is shown of the people of Terminus.  Only it is THEM who are trapped in a train car in Terminus.  Is this a dream sequence, or are we seeing the story of how they came into power?

The group is in the train car, picking up moments after last season left them.  Trapped, they are not going down without a fight, as they use whatever they have around them to brandish makeshift weapons.  They hear people coming and get ready to attack.  Their captors, the people of Terminus, have expected this, and open the room to the train car, knocking the group senseless with a flash bomb.  The drag Rick, Darryl, Glen, and Bob into a room, along with four other men.  They are placed in front of a trough, and as Rick sees one of the other prisoners is the blond man he met last year with Carol, the blond man has his head bashed in with a baseball bat and his throat slit, blood gushing into the trough.

As the two Terminus butchers make their way down the line, they stop when they get to Glen.  Gareth, their leader, enters the room and asks the two butchers if they counted their shells from the earlier gunfight.  Inventory is very important.

  • I like how totally nonchalant the Terminus people are.  They are torturing and killing people, but can stop to have a conversation about inventory as if it was nothing.

After threatening to kill Bob if Rick doesn’t reveal what is in the bag Rick buried before entering the city, Gareth laughs when Rick threatens to kill him.  The laughter stops when gunfire is heard from outside, followed by a large explosion that throws everyone to the ground.

Tyrese, Carol and Judith are making their way to Terminus.  They come across a walker.  Carol kills it, as Tyrese is still distraught with what happened at the farm.  The walker was not alone, and a herd emerges from the woods.  The herd heads down the tracks towards Terminus at the sound of heavy gunfire (The gunfire is from when the “Termites” are luring Rick, Carl, Darryl and Michonne into the train car).  Carol and Tyrese decide to find another way to the “sanctuary.”

In the woods, a young man (A Termite) is at an old cabin setting up fireworks as a walker deterrent.  He is talking with a woman over a walkie-talkie about their new prisoners.  As he talks about taking Carl’s hat after they kill him, Carol puts a gun to his head.  They tie him up and Carol heads off on her own to Terminus to investigate.  She covers herself in walker blood as camouflage, and takes a bagful of weapons.  Tyrese stays with Judith, the Termite doing his best to break him down, waiting for an open spot to kill them both and get away.

  • The Termite chews his gum with his mouth open.  I hate it even more.

Carol arrives at Terminus as the herd begins to overtake it.  She looks through her sniper rifle and shoots out a large propane take.  Using one of the fireworks she stole from the termite, she causes the explosion we heard at the beginning of the episode.

Tyrese watches the explosion from the cabin, the Termite still trying to play mind games.

In the “butcher shop,” Gareth goes to find out what happened, as the herd starts killing termites.  Rick, using a wooden shard from the train car, breaks free of his bonds and kills the butchers.  He frees the rest and they head out to find weapons and get the rest of their family.

  • The “No.  Let him turn.” line.  Badass.

In the train car, the rest of the group are trying to decide what to do.  Eugene says he can break open the door with the used flashbomb.  Carl tells everyone to calm down, because his dad will come back for them.

Carol wades through the herd, making her way into one the buildings after taking out two Termites.

Rick and company make their way through the butcher shop, finally realizing that they are dealing with cannibals.  Ricks says to kill any they see, no hesitation.  They see walkers surrounding another train car.  They dispose of the walkers and open the door to free the people inside.  A man covered in tattoos rushes them, spouting nonsense.  Before any of them can react, the man is taken out by a walker.

Carol makes her way through Terminus, coming across a room with items they have taken from various victims.  She takes a watch, and Darryl’s crossbow.

As the four men stay in hiding, they take out a group of Termites in the middle of a walker battle.  They are able to secure guns, and make their way to the train car to free the rest of the group.  Just before their arrival, the group confronts Eugene as to what exactly this “cure” is.  Eugene used to work for the department of defense, developing bio weapons to fight OTHER bio-weapons.  If he can get to Washington, he can create a weapon that can wipe the walkers off the planet.

Carol makes her way into the candle filled room seen last season.  She is attacked by Terminus Mary, who says that this place didn’t used to be like this.  Terminus WAS a sanctuary, and alludes to a group of people that took it over, people WORSE than they ever were.  Feeling no remorse, Carol shoots Mary, leaving her to die via a group of walkers.

Walkers start to surround the cabin, and as Tyrese looks out the window, the Termite takes advantage and grabs Judith.  he threatens her life if Tyrese doesn’t go outside with the walkers.  Tyrese has no choice but to comply.  After a bit, there is nothing but silence outside.  The Termite walks towards the door, and Tyrese bursts in, beating the Termite to death.  Outside, all the walkers have been “killed.”

The group makes their way out of the train car, and with their homemade weapons, make their way through the herd.  After a small shoot out with Gareth and some Termites, the group escapes over the fence and back into the woods.

They regroup where Rick buried their weapons.  He wants to go back and kill the rest of Terminus, but the group is able to convince him it’s time to go.  They turn around an Carol is there, they welcome her back with open arms.  She takes them to Tyrese.  Carl and Rick reunite with Judith, and Tyrese embraces his sister.  The group has reunited, their future as always, uncertain.

In another flashback, the people of Terminus begin to plan there escape from their captors, signifying that we have not seen the last of Gareth and the survivors.

In a post credits scene, a masked man comes across the ruins of Terminus.  He takes off his mask, and is revealed to be Morgan, looking a LOT less insane from the last time we saw him.  Looking around, he slowly heads into the woods.

The Good:

  • Terminus being wrapped in one episode.  Conan said it best on Talking Dead.  We thought we were getting an entire season of Terminus and it wrapped in 38 minutes.
  • Carol.  I think the phrase is going to change to “If CAROL dies, we riot.”
  • The portrayal of the people of Terminus.  They show why they have become this way, but you still want the group to take them out.
  • 100% action this episode.  No just sitting around talking about Walkers.


  • This can be argued as a “good.”  The post credits scene could have shown what happened to Beth.  But I think she is going to get her own episode, so it’s okay.
  • Whenever someone carries Judith, it’s obvious that it’s a doll.  Greg Nicotero can do way better.  (I can’t do ANY better, I understand that.)
  • AMC.  You moved the HD feed on the west coast so we don’t get the show at 6PM anymore.  FOR SHAME.


This is the first episode since season 1 that I have watched live.  I am glad I am back on The Walking Dead horse.  Please note, that I do NOT read the comics, so my POV is strictly going to be from a TV show standpoint, without comparing.  Yet.  I will probably start now.  Give me time.  Please?  C’mon.  No, YOU SHUT UP.


Donnie (@dtrain1813)

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