SDCC 2014 Round-Up Part 1

SDCC 2014 was the best one yet.  Yes, I say this every year, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  To make sure readers don’t get bored with having to read a novel length blog post, I have decided to just set my stop watch for 30 minutes, and write until it beeps.  Then tomorrow I will pick up from where I off.  Here we go!

Tuesday:  The alarm went off at 3am, giving us just enough time to shower and get ready.  We got on the road around 4, with my sister-in-law driving us to the airport.  We enjoy landing in San Diego early, so we can do non SDCC related stuff before the craziness starts.  It becomes a TERRIBLE idea for that time in the wee hours of the morning, but we get past it.  We checked our bags and went through security.  I am not sure what happened, but we got into the TSA Pre-Check line, and they let us go through without having to take anything out of our bags.  I SO want to apply for that now.  While tying one’s shoes is not exactly the hardest thing in the world to do, NOT having to take them off is one of those little things geeks like me yearn for.  Other than that, our boarding and flight were pretty standard.  I got in a few movies, so all was well.

We landed in San Diego right on time.  After getting our bags and almost killing about 17 people (for some reason, San Diego baggage claim turns people into oblivious idiots), we caught a cab to our hotel, THE FREAKING MARRIOT!!!  I was so happy that I got to stay in the hotel right next to the convention center.  If I thought getting through TSA Pre-Check was spoiled, I hadn’t seen anything yet.  They had our room ready, so we checked in and took our bags up.  We were on the 19th floor.  What a view!  This picture doesn’t do it much justice because of the massive Sean Bean poster hanging off the side of the hotel, but you can get the gist of it.


After we dropped the bags off, we headed to the zoo for the day.  I guess we wanted to get our feet wet with huge crowds, so what better place to prepare for the figurative zoo than a literal zoo.  Rebecca and I decided to walk back from the zoo while our other friends, Nate and Donna, took the trek to the Zoo Safari.

Walking back from the zoo wasn’t that bad.  For the first time in about three years, we remembered to put on sun screen before heading out into the San Diego sun.  We kind of got sick and tired of consistently having to buy a bunch of aloe from Ralph’s each year and cover ourselves in it for the rest of the week.  THANKS SUN SCREEN!

Speaking of Ralphs, we actually did stop there on our way back to the hotel to pick up beverages for the week.  Rebecca got her Diet Pepsi and I got my Rockstar Recovery.  I am NOT a coffee fan, but I need the caffeine buzz as much as the next person, so that’s why I drink Rockstars.

Now here’s some shit:  I bought Rockstars on Tuesday at 2.49 each.  They dropped the price to 10 for fricking 10 the next day.  PRO-TIP:  Buy your beverage on WEDNESDAY, not TUESDAY!!! Stupid Ralphs…

After lugging our Ralph’s haul back to the room, I went down to check out the pool, which of course was closed.  They were re-finishing the cement walkway around it.  The KIDDIE pool was open.  While I may ACT childish at times, I am still 35 years old, so I relaxed my feet in the hot tub for about 20 minutes.

The Yard House in downtown was our next stop for dinner, where we met up with the rest of our group.  If you ever go to the Yard House, I recommend the Mac n Cheese.  WAY good.  That basically wrapped up Tuesday, with the quick stop at Horton Plaza.  Once again, big crowds to try and prep for the craziness that started the next day.

Wednesday:  We got up a little early on Wednesday morning so we could go workout.  Rebecca went walking and I went running along the harbor.  It was pretty quiet that morning.  Little did we know that everywhere we went was going to be wall to wall people camping out for the next four days, US included, as you will hear about in another post.  And speaking of another post, my timer went off, so I will continue this tomorrow.  COMIC-CON!!!!



Donnie (@dtrain1813)